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Career 101: How to Deliver a Powerful Presentation [Infographic]

delivering a powerful presentation

At some point in your career, you will need to deliver a powerful presentation. Will you be ready? Your boss asks you to present their work to management. You work hard to put together the material in a way that lets the bosses know your team is on track. Then, the day of the presentation arrives. Suddenly, it feels like grammar school again. The teacher just asked you to stand in front of the class. Your knees start shaking, you start sweating, and you just might lose your breakfast in front of everyone. You’re not alone. For many of us, the thought   

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10 Ways to Gain Key Workplace Communication Skills

communication skills

If you ask an HR professional or hiring manager about the one trait they admire – and require – most in new hires, chances are they would confidently answer: communication skills. And yet employers will also tell you that communication skills are sorely lacking in far too many recent graduates. The general feeling: higher education is not providing the tools and training required for young professionals to make the leap from classroom to cubicle. To help close this communication skills gap, we asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council this question: “What is your best advice for becoming a master   

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Does Your Personal Brand Label You (and Limit Your Potential)?


I was asked an awesome question today by a client who had been looking at some of my competitors’ website: “Why do you charge one rate for most resumes instead of charging based on experience level?”   

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How to Close 5 Emails Everyone Writes During Their Career

5 Most Important Emails

We all write emails. But some of us need a little more help than others when trying to create a good first impression.

To help you compose emails that end with impact, here’s a short guide on how to close the five most important career related emails we will write…   

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How To Have An Awesome Internship

Internships are really tough to get these days. I know… I had to apply to many companies to get an internship at Qwest this summer. Fortunately, I had a very successful internship experience.

In an internship it’s really beneficial to know what work is expected of you. With that knowledge you can prepare yourself and get more out of your internship. Here are a few points I kept in mind that helped me and they can help you in your next internship, too…   

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