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How to Close 5 Emails Everyone Writes During Their Career

5 Most Important Emails

We all write emails. But some of us need a little more help than others when trying to create a good first impression.

To help you compose emails that end with impact, here’s a short guide on how to close the five most important career related emails we will write…   

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How To Have An Awesome Internship

Internships are really tough to get these days. I know… I had to apply to many companies to get an internship at Qwest this summer. Fortunately, I had a very successful internship experience.

In an internship it’s really beneficial to know what work is expected of you. With that knowledge you can prepare yourself and get more out of your internship. Here are a few points I kept in mind that helped me and they can help you in your next internship, too…   

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