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21 Grammar Rules for Effective Communication [Infographic]

grammar rules

In today’s highly competitive job market, being able to communicate quickly and effectively is a must.

So using grammar rules correctly – on your resume, LinkedIn profile, and even on social media – is often key factor in landing the job you want…   

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How to Show Off Communication Soft Skills During a Job Search

communication soft skills

One of the soft skills employers request the most is communication. What are soft skills and how do I demonstrate them in my job search? Communication soft skills are sometimes difficult to demonstrate to others because they’re personal attributes, like confidence, verbosity, and listening skills. During your job hunt, however, they’re certainly not impossible to demonstrate.   

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Good Grammar: A Cheat Sheet for Students and Young Pros [Infographic]

good grammar

So what if your grammar isn’t what your boss or colleagues would consider good grammar? Doesn’t matter… it was never your favorite subject in school anyway, right?

So wrong!   

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22 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills [Infographic]

communication skills

Soft skills are important in today’s market, but when it comes to getting ahead in your career, the most important skills are communication skills.   

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10 Ways to Gain Key Workplace Communication Skills

communication skills

If you ask an HR professional or hiring manager about the one trait they admire – and require – most in new hires, chances are they would confidently answer: communication skills. And yet employers will also tell you that communication skills are sorely lacking in far too many recent graduates. The general feeling: higher education is not providing the tools and training required for young professionals to make the leap from classroom to cubicle. To help close this communication skills gap, we asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council this question: “What is your best advice for becoming a master   

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4 Common College Essay Words Rarely Used in the Workplace

Emoji 101

Thankfully, as many recent graduates have learned, it’s OK to drop the fancy talk and sound more… human!

Along with “before and after” examples, here are four classic college essay words that should never find their way into a business-focused document…   

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