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6 Emotionally Intelligent Ways to Influence Your Micro-Manager Boss

micro-manager boss

Your boss is a human being and, as we know, to err is human, which means that sometimes even those petty, annoying micro-managers don’t do all those things on purpose. And, even if your boss is simply a bit controlling, there are ways to help you communicate your dissatisfaction, influence your boss, and improve your position.   

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Performance Conversations: How to Hold a One-on-one with the Boss

performance conversations

Conversations about your performance are a given if you are an employee. You are hired to do a job and your employer wants assurance they made the right decision. They want you to succeed and grow in return for your valuable contribution. However, the quality, frequency, and format of performance conversations vary widely in the workplace. At the core is the relationship with your line manager. So it pays to give proper attention to your one-to-one.   

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Sound Professional: Like… Stop Using Filler Words, Man [Infographic]

avoid filler words

So… Um… Like, do you find yourself using, you know, too much verbal filler? We all do it sometimes, especially when we’re nervous. In fact, for most of us it takes a conscious effort to avoid it. But eliminating verbal filler from your speech patterns, particularly at work, can help you project confidence, instill trust, and sound professional.   

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8 Things to Consider Before Sending Job Search Emails

job search emails

Every message a potential employer receives from you will form an impression. So when sending job search emails, be aware and alert of the impression you’re making.

After all, first impressions are lasting impressions…   

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New Soft Skills: The Evolution of the Workplace [Infographic]

new soft skills

The soft skills necessary to be successful change as the workplace evolves, and certainly as we embrace new technologies and methodologies. Learning these new skills and ways of doing things can help you remain at the top of any candidate pool.

But, what are the new soft skills you need to learn?   

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7 Hand Gestures That Make People Listen [Infographic]

hand gestures

As Human Beings, we communicate with far more than just our voice. When a person speaks, the listener also picks up on visual cues that often contain as much meaning as the words spoken. Sometimes these cues are unconscious.

But true communicators control their body language and hand gestures to maximize the impact of their words…   

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