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7 Traits of Highly Successful Post Grad Job Seekers

College grad

It’s summer. The time of year when recent college graduates frantically search for jobs in an economy still struggling; a scary time for many. And yet, there are a select few who are rising to the top of the job search heap. This group of college graduates are the college seniors who’ve effortlessly landed a job already. And chances are, you’re probably wondering what tricks they used to get ahead of their job seeking competition. So here they are: the 7 traits of highly successful post-graduation job seeker: 1. They Don’t Spend the Whole Day Applying for Jobs Although it   

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4 Tips From Sales Pros That Will Help You… Sell You

Sell Yourself

During the job search, many seem to forget the primary point of the entire process: selling you (the candidate) to a buyer (the employer).

So even if you’re not going into sales, learning the deal-closing tactics used daily by the best sales professionals will help you get hired.

Here are just a few of the sales techniques easily applied to your job search…   

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It Was a Zebra! (and 8 More Crazy Excuses for Being Late for Work)


In a recent CareerBuilder study, employers shared some of the most unique excuses they’ve heard from employees who were running late for work. From cats getting stuck in the toilet to supergluing an eye shut, these employers have heard practically every excuse in the book.

Here are nine outrageous excuses employees have used to inform their employer they’d be running late for work:   

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4 Unusual Places to Make Great Networking Connections


If you’re a college student or entry-level job seeker, the phrase “it’s all about who you know” is more true than ever. Every person you meet could be a difference-maker.

But, when every traditional networking opportunity is flooded with like-minded young professionals all trying to get ahead, it can be hard to stand out in the eyes of potential employers…   

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You Can (No, You MUST) Network in College


Many recent graduates attempt to enter the business world with a very limited network. This invariably makes starting their early career far more difficult than it needs to be.

To land a position right after graduation, networking in college has become mandatory…   

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Jobless After Graduation? Not if You Follow These 5 Tips

hired after graduation

According to a survey by the Economic Policy Institute, the unemployment rate for 2013 college grads sits at 8.8 percent. While the economy is improving, soon-to-be college grads entering the job market may feel apprehensive about finding work after they walk across that stage.

Don’t spend your remaining college career, and the summer, dwelling in your post-grad blues, though. Get motivated today and become gainfully employed with these job search tips!   

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