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A Millennial Approach to Career Success

Millenial Approach to Career

As a college student, I didn’t know how to build a network or find a job, but thankfully several peers and mentors provided critical guidance. I eventually found a great internship which turned into a full-time offer. I thought my future was set.

Turns out, I was wrong.   

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4 Ways to Improve Your Resume While Still in College

College Resume

There’s more to your resume than a GPA and internships. And now is when you can actually start doing things that will help make sure your resume is solid when you leave school.

As you work your way through college this year, keep these four things in mind…   

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College Students: Here Are 7 Signs You May be an Introvert


You’ve never taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, so you’re not sure if you’re included in approximately 50% of the U.S. population that is introverted (estimates range from 35%-51%).

But as a college student, perhaps it seems like you’re living your life looking from the outside in…   

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How to Become a Student Entrepreneur [Infographic]

Student Entrepreneur

Our choice of college, the degree we pursue, and the career we prepare for follow the same pattern as our parents followed a generation ago. It’s as if we are still getting ready for a career with one (or maybe two) companies only to be gifted with a gold watch and a “Happy Retirement” cake.

Trouble is… that world doesn’t really exist anymore.   

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The 4 Mistakes Made by Too Many New Job Seekers

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People do funny things when trying to cope with the terrifying prospect of an extended job search. And our team of writers at Resume to Interviews have seen it all.

We routinely hear of clients taking a full year to land their first full-time job… and many of them make all the same mistakes that all their struggling friends made during their job search…   

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By Industry: The Ultimate Guide to Job Search Timelines

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Calling all college students: If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly thinking about when you should start the dreaded job search.

I mean, how early is too early to start sending out your resume? Is September too soon?   

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