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16 Pieces of Excellent Career Advice from Commencement Speeches


It’s almost May, and the class of 2014 soon will be donning their caps and gowns. Commencement speeches are a final rite of passage for graduating seniors anxiously awaiting the next step in their lives. The wisdom imparted in the speeches isn’t applicable to students, but instead to graduates, as young professionals. And sometimes the advice is so good, we should all pay attention.

Thanks to a terrific list of commencement speeches from Graduation Wisdom, I gathered the best commencement quotes for a fulfilling and productive career.   

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The 7 Emotional Stages of Today’s College Graduate


It’s almost that time of year again… In a short while, college students will graduate by the millions. If you’re one of those students, or a past graduate struggling with your career, this advice is for you:

Remember, for each of these stages: diagnosis is the first step to a cure.   

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