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This is How You Make a Great First Impression [Infographic]

Grads Infographic

Graduation time is upon us again… which means approximately 4 million college graduates are about to descend on the job market, each hoping to make that great first impression.

But what exactly makes a great first impression? What do we have to to really impress a recruiter or hiring manager?   

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2015 Job Outlook: Good News for New College Grads

Job Outlook 2015

If you’re a college senior with graduation just around the corner, and you’re wondering how the job market is looking, there’s plenty of good news from the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ 2015 Job Outlook Report:

Employers plan to hire 8.3 percent more new college graduates in 2015 than they did in 2014…   

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17 Hard Truths College Grads Need to Grasp Now

Welcome to the Real World

Graduation is one of the most formative times and places of our young adult lives. Soon, you will dive into the chaotic job market and join the ranks of working adults.

This spring, forget about the pros and cons of selfies at the commencement ceremony. Look up from the camera, stick it in your pocket and understand once you cross the stage, life gets real.

Oh, and congrats on graduating!   

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Where to Now? A Snapshot of the Class of 2013 [Infographic]

A few months after the summer Class of 2013 graduated, they’ve learned first-hand that they have entered a tough job market. In fact, these young professionals face an unemployment rate of about 9% and an under-employment rate of about 18%. Beyond these statistics, what is it like for the Class of 2013? How are they living since leaving the friendly confines of their alma mater? What jobs are most available for them… and in what cities? And what qualities are they working on to become more employable? This infographic by Sparefoot.com presents an interesting snapshot of the Class of 2013…   

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