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7 Job Interview Tips for When Your GPA is Just Average


We focus a lot on GPA in school. But in the real world, here’s the reality: After you get your first job, your GPA will likely never come up again.

Getting that first job with a less-than-stellar GPA, though, can be tough…   

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9 Career Skills More Important Than Your GPA

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Your college GPA is a combination of several factors but isn’t really the best indicator of how you’ll perform in the working world. We all know that person with perfect grades who struggles socially. Or that person who couldn’t care less about school but has no trouble making great things happen in their life.

Take your classes seriously. Show up and learn something. But I’m here to tell you, the GPA you achieve in college doesn’t matter.

Here’s what does:   

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College GPA vs. Experience: A Real World Hiring Debate

There has been a widely-held debate throughout the blogosphere about whether a college education is still worth the often exorbitant cost; or if a degree is even necessary to begin a career. As a recruiter at an innovative company or start-up, would you hire a candidate with a strong academic background alone? Or the candidate with a lower GPA, but with practical work experience?

So how does a student choose where to focus: GPA? Or experience?

The simple answer is… “Yes!”   

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Your GPA Sucks… and I Will Hire You Anyway

There’s just a few more months left in the school year. College graduation – and job interviews – are just around the corner…

I remember this time during college, very well. I’d be graduating, soon. So I’d periodically pull out my transcript and stare at my GPA, trying to mentally manipulate it into growing larger and more respectable. I guess I thought that if I stared hard enough, somehow I could make my GPA look more attractive to employers.   

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