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In-Demand College Degrees of the 21st Century [Infographic]


What are the hottest degrees of this century? What majors are in high demand?

From cyber security to game design to nanotechnology, this infographic from TopOnlineDegrees.org provides some great insight into the careers many experts believe will be the big winners of the 21st Century…   

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7 Things We Don’t Learn Before Graduation (But Should)

Before Graduation

Winter term is well under way. Soon, the commencement speeches will begin and caps will be flying through the air. Seniors: that hard-earned degree will finally be yours!

And it won’t be the answer all of life’s mysteries. It won’t solve all your problems. By itself, it won’t even mean a good career, or a good life. Here’s why…   

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Why the College Degree Will Be Obsolete in 15 Years

College Degree

We all have things around that we no longer need, without really knowing why we keep them. If you live and work in a big city, you may still have your car from the days when you used to live in the suburbs. At one time, the car had a purpose. But now? It just collects parking tickets and bird poop.

Some things outlive their usefulness. Perhaps a traditional college degree is one of them…   

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5 Reasons Your Degree Won’t Land You a Job

your degree

Current college students can learn a very valuable lesson from the students who recently graduated. Many of those recent grads are ready to embark on a new journey… to their parents’ basement.

Unfortunately, this scenario is a reality for too many recent college graduates. Whether they spent too much time studying in the library or didn’t take advantage of their university’s career services, college graduates often struggle with their initial job search.

Learn from these lessons now while you’re in school. So you face a better reality when you graduate:   

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A Degree is Not Enough: Crucial Resume Cred for Young Careerists

We don’t have to tell you the job market is tight. Or how important it is for job seekers to be setting themselves up with every possible advantage to make their resume pop.

Leaving aside the most obvious requirements like bachelor’s degrees and vocation specific licenses and certifications, we’ve lined up the must-haves for major fields in the American job market. In alphabetical order, here’s how to get ahead in 10 popular career choices:   

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College Degrees Still Worth the Price of Admission [Infographic]

A recent media buzz has caused some people to question one longstanding pillar of American culture: the value of a higher education.

Prospective students hear accounts of self-made billionaires such as Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs who dropped out of school. The New York Times reported that since 1985, college tuition has skyrocketed 559 percent.

In light of these developments, do people believe that a degree is worth the investment of time, effort and money?   

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