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A Recruiter’s Perspective: If I Was Running Career Services


Think of the years spent teaching a child good manners, how to ride a bike, brush their teeth, clean their room. With these in mind, think about this:

Can personal career management be learned in a few short weeks at the end of the senior year?

We’ve missed out on teaching young adults that “finding” a career requires introspection – and re-visiting the personal vision many times throughout their lives.

I understand this might be hard to accept. But based on the employability of our college graduates, perhaps we have the wrong people, or the right people in the wrong system, providing guidance.

It’s time to change that, and for Career Services – as well as mentors, alumni, influencers and industry leaders – to take the lead.   

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If Career Services is from Mars, Are Students from Venus?

Career Services

I recently read “Roadmap for Transforming the College-to-Career Experience” – a refreshing and incredibly insightful look into many of the shortcomings of current college career services models.

The Editor argues that career services models offered by most colleges don’t address the realities of today’s working world and students. So what does the future look like for college-to-career? It’s a good question, but if you imagine college-to-career transition as a seamless and low-friction extension of a gamified curriculum you’re probably not too far off.

What do you think the future of college-to-career looks like?   

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The Career Advice Students Are Really Looking For

Career Advice

Students everywhere, at every education level, have questions regarding their careers. However, they often feel powerless to determine the right answers… or to whom they should listen.

Between friends, parents, teachers, professors, advisors, mentors, print materials, and even the Web, they’re getting tons of different advice but have no way to determine what might work best for them…   

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#InternPro Chat: Career Centers 2.0 – Do New Realities Mean New Expectations?

In case you missed this week’s compelling (and fast paced!) conversation about career centers as they move into the 21st Century, here’s a summary of the 1-hour conversation that you – thanks to the #InternPro community – can digest in just 5 minutes.   

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