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5 Smart Tips for Finding Your First Real Job

Finding Your First Job

You’ve invested time and effort in years of education. You’ve gained some work experience, either per hour or via internships. And perhaps you’ve had a few sleepless nights thinking “what now??”

And now, with graduation and celebrations way behind you and summer almost over, it is time to step into the real world – and find your first real job….   

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9 Costly (And Avoidable) Newbie Job Search Mistakes

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Your first “real” job search (as a newly-minted young professional) is quite a learning experience. So many options; so little time! You can’t wait to hear those magic words: “You’re hired”. You don’t want to make job search mistakes that will extend your job search. But, you may not be clear on exactly what to do next and what is appropriate.

Check out these 10 mistakes recent grads make that postpone that first paycheck:   

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Career Planning for Recent Grads: Every Starting Line is Different


I received a tweet this morning from a senior who graduated from a university a few days ago, “what do you do when you are exactly as the student described in that post except you are now in the real world?” Basically, what do you do if it’s too late to follow advice such as join student groups, do summer internships, attend career fairs, and take part in college job shadowing programs?   

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The Ultimate Job Search Checklist for Soon-to-be Grads


We’re locked deeply into winter, and yet spring will soon, well, spring… and many college students will have only days remaining in their college career.

Right about then, the question turns from “Will I ever get my degree?” to “What am I going to do with that degree?” Let’s start warming up your job search now, and get you an answer before you graduate!   

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