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Job-Hopping: The Pros and Cons of a New Economic Reality [Infographic]


The modern workforce has come to expect a certain amount of job-hopping. But is that a good thing?

Before you decide to plan your career around multiple jobs, consider the pros and cons of changing jobs often…   

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Changing Careers? How to Look For Your Next Dream Job

changing careers

Changing careers can be scary. It can mean competing against people with far more experience than you have, and trying for positions that may not pay as much as you’re used to.

Perhaps the most intimidating part of the process, though: finding those new jobs.   

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How to Change Careers Without Completely Starting Over

change careers

Many people decide to change jobs hoping to say goodbye to cranky coworkers and micromanaging bosses for greener pastures.

But in one study, 80% of 20-somethings, 64% of 30-somethings and 54% of 40-somethings don’t just want to change jobs… they want to change careers altogether.   

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Everything You Need to Know About Changing Careers in Your 20s


According to a recent study by economists at the Vancouver School of Economics, changing industries during your 20s is good for your career and your earning potential.

Take that, haters…   

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Changing Careers: How to Successfully Navigate a Career Pivot at Any Age


In part because employers and human resources professionals tend to box you into the last position you held – and question why you want to make such a large leap in job titles – making a big career change is rarely easy.

As a former teacher, I want to shake these HR professionals up a bit…   

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How a Single Tweet Can Change Your Career


I started by joining Twitter and following many influential people within the digital marketing and social media industry. Instead of applying through a website where I knew my resume would just end up buried in a pile, I decided to get gutsy and reach out to people on Twitter for tips and advice. I prayed someone would be kind enough to give me the inside scoop on a career at a buzzing agency, and all of my problems would be solved.   

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