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The Two Job Interview Techniques You Must Master

Job Interview Focus Confidence

In the human resources and career development worlds, the acronyms “STAR” and “CAR” get thrown around a lot. And for good reason: both are highly effective techniques for demonstrating a job seeker’s aptitude for working well in challenging situations. So you can master these proven job interview (and personal branding) techniques, let’s take a look at both STAR and CAR: When to Use Them Both methods can be used during behavioral interviews, meaning interviews that focus on how a candidate acted in certain employment situations. The logic behind this comes down to a common recruiting phrase, “The past predicts the   

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Will Your Resume Pass the “Sink-or-Swim” Test?

Sink or Swim

Lou Adler, the well-known performance-based recruitment evangelist, believes an old recruiting method is making a comeback: “throw people in over their heads and see if they sink or swim.”

And this what-is-old-is-new-again hiring method begs the question: How do you get your resume ready for the “Sink-or-Swim” test?   

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The 5 Deadly Sins of the Social Age Job Search

Whether it has been 10 weeks or 10 months since you’ve looked for a new job or internship, you’re likely finding it to be a much different (and much harder experience) than you expected. You’ve adapted, adjusted and compromised. You’ve done everything in your power to learn about the Social Age job hunt. Still, you’re hearing crickets – and you are getting nervous. Maybe your job search isn’t quite as bad as it seems, however. Maybe you just need to tweak a few things to get it moving again. Perhaps you’re committing one of the six job search deadly sins:   

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