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Are You Prepared for These Job Interview Trends?

Job Interview Trends

Just as many aspects of the job search have changed in the last few years, so have job interviews. For job seekers, that means keeping up with the latest trends and techniques recruiters are using to choose the very best candidates. Here are three of the trends – from the new to old methods making a comeback – that you may run into in the very near future: Situational Job Interviews The situational job interview has been the hottest of trends, and at many companies its use is reaching commonplace status. In a situational job interview the candidate is asked   

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4 Ways an Entrepreneurial Mindset Ignites Your Job Search


Most of us seem to think that the traits of successful entrepreneurs only apply to CEOs and business owners. Consistently thinking like an entrepreneur, however, can take you a long way toward accomplishing many goals, especially when vying for a new job.

Here are four ways you can call on your inner entrepreneur during a job search…   

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3 Online Marketing Techniques Perfect for Job Seekers


You may not think that online marketing and the job hunt are similar at all. The truth is, though, that the best techniques for marketing and selling a brand online will work while you are marketing and selling… you.

To maximize your personal brand and your online presence, here are four online marketing tips you must know and understand…   

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