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The 5 Unwritten Rules for Success at Your New Gig


More than 58% of millennial employees say “yes” rather than question authority, according to LinkedIn’s 2015 New Norms @Work study of more than 15,000 workers.

Makes sense, right? When you’re the new kid on the block, your first priority is to learn what’s going on and earn the trust and respect of your colleagues…   

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How We Really Feel About Career Development and Feedback


Dan Schawbel sent me The Global Workforce Leadership Survey and I was curious to see the findings.

I dug through the data trying to make sense of the gaps between what employees said they wanted (or got) and what companies said they provided. The gaps raise important issues for us all to think and talk about…   

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11 Unique Ways to Nurture Your Personal Network

Nurture Your Network

As we work to grow our personal networks, staying in contact with the people we already know often falls to the bottom of our to-do lists.

The good news: with a bit of planning, a dash of creativity and a little effort, you can nurture your network! Here are eleven twists to keep in touch…   

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11 Job Search Predictions for 2015 You Must Embrace


As a job seeker looking for your first or next job, what trends and best-practices from the world of job search should you embrace in 2015?

I tapped my friends and colleagues to ask them what they thought job search would look like in 2015. Their predictions, listed below in no particular order, hit upon many core areas. Read carefully, and adjust your job search strategy accordingly!   

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The Mindshift Required to Become a Superstar Job Seeker

Mindshift Happens

I’ve heard way too many job seekers proclaim they haven’t done anything outstanding, special or demonstrated herculean success. I get it. I haven’t either. For instance, in my entire career I haven’t received any “Employee of the Month” awards or “Salesperson of the Year” recognitions. In fact, summarizing my experience on my resume looks very lack-luster, run-of-the-mill, almost boring. My education is nothing special either; I graduated in the late 80s with a Humanities degree. My concentration was Ancient Greece and Rome. (Yep, I use this daily. Not.) Most of us are just average. We do our jobs and usually don’t   

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10 Preparation Tips to Help You Nail the Job Interview

Prepared versus Unprepared

I’ve worked with numerous job seekers who have made assumptions about the interview process – assumptions which ended up biting them in the (well, you know).

These ten steps will ensure you’re prepared to ace your upcoming interview. After all, the more prepared you are, the more confident you’ll appear…   

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