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The 25 Best Jobs for Work-Life Balance

Pay bills

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be tough in today’s work environment, but some jobs allow for more flexibility than others.

That’s where Glassdoor comes in. Based on employee reviews, they have identified these occupations as the 25 best Jobs for work-life balance…   

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What is Your One Piece of Never-fails Career Advice?


Where do you turn for great, and relevant, career advice? At YouTern, our answer to that question is nearly always the same: go to a fellow careerist with plenty of been-there-done-that experience and ask this question:

As a mentor to young professionals just beginning their careers, what is your one piece of never-fails career advice?   

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25 Questions I Need Answered Before I’m 25

25 Answers for Millennials

The thought of entering the workforce is scary. Really scary.

There are no SparkNotes for creating meaningful work. No silver bullet that helps you get noticed, or hired. No matter what our parents tell us, nothing really makes us special.

Quite the opposite: from my perspective as a soon-to-be college junior, millions of us twenty-somethings are pushed into the workforce with nothing but a college degree that doesn’t seem at all special anymore…   

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9 to 5 Not for You? 15 Cool Careers with Unconventional Hours


At some point in history, it was decreed that everyone was supposed to work for eight hours a day, from 9am to 5pm.

Whether you think 9-to-5 is arbitrary, counter-productive or just out of touch with your life priorities, you’re in good — and growing — company. If the 9-to-5 agenda just isn’t for you, check out these 15 cool careers with unconventional hours:   

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“We Aren’t Sissies”: The Tales of Gen-Y Men

Of the many changes Gen-Y has brought to society, the transformation of men has gone largely un-noticed.

Apparently, “traditional man” is drastically different from their Gen-Y counterpart. The rugged, tough and “manly man” archetypes are being overtaken by stylish, metro-sexual personas.

A type of man that, in the eyes of men, needs to harden-up.   

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