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Finally: Employers Tell You Exactly How to Dress for Success


You’ve likely heard the expression “clothes make the man (or woman)”. Perhaps nowhere is this more relevant than in a job interview. Perhaps you know how important it is to dress professionally, but did you know the colors you wear require just as much consideration.

A new survey from CareerBuilder asked more than 2,000 hiring managers and human resource professionals about the attributes employers most often associate with colors candidates wear to job interviews.   

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Recruiters Reveal: Here’s Why You Got (Or Didn’t Get) The Job

Job interview

When considering candidates for competitive job opportunities, you might be neck and neck with other equally qualified candidates. So what makes the difference?

CareerBuilder conducted a study to determine the factors that play into determining who gets hired. According to the study, having a sense of humor, being well-dressed, or even knowledge of current events and pop culture could all play parts in influencing a hiring manager’s decision. More than 2,000 employers contributed to these results, so you know they should not be taken lightly.

Employers were asked, if they had two equally qualified candidates, which factors would make them more likely to consider one candidate instead of another.   

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