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Finally! THIS is How You Follow Up After a Job Interview [Infographic]

should I follow up

One of the most hotly debated, and seemingly one of the most perplexing subjects for job seekers, is how and when to follow-up after a job interview. In the most simple terms, unless you’re specifically told not to… and no matter what you hear from old-school recruiters who don’t want to be bothered with providing a quality candidate experience… you should follow up. Indeed, there are some subtle, yet thankfully simple, guidelines to following up after your job interviews… as this infographic from CareerBliss demonstrates. Enjoy, and then go stand above your job seeking competition by following up well.     

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Would You Bring a Parent to the Job Interview?

parent job interview

Sandi Webster had interviewed newly-minted young professionals for her company’s management trainee program for years. Then one day she encountered something new: a dad accompanying the potential trainee at a job interview.

“A young lady who had stellar Ivy League credentials blew her chance of working with me the minute she brought her father to our interview,” says Webster, who owns Consultants 2 Go.   

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Break the Career Catch-22: Get a Job… Without Experience

Career Catch 22

You’re now facing the problem that has dogged every young professional since jobs were invented: How do you get experience to land a job which requires a worker with experience? It is the Career Catch-22.

Here are some techniques to help you get through that Catch-22… and well on your way to your first day at work…   

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Career Advice for Recent Grads… from Recent Grads


I have been out of the college scene for more than two years now and, after turning a three-month internship into a full-time position after graduation, I’ve learned a few lessons about the corporate world.

Of course, we all have our own paths to success. I asked a few other recent grads who have successfully landed a job to share their best advice.   

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