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Recruiters Report: LinkedIn Endorsements Are Meaningless

LinkedIn Endorsements

You know those LinkedIn Skill Endorsements you have on your profile… the ones where friends, co-workers and check a box indicating that you possess particular skills? They are meaningless.

We asked more than 25 hiring managers and found that most of them don’t care much about how many people endorse your skills. So, why aren’t hiring managers warming up to the LinkedIn Skill Endorsement feature?


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Resume Makeover: 7 Ways to Show You’re a Chronic Over-Achiever

Green extra mile sign

You think of yourself as driven; a capable team-player ready to contribute. But are you also good at selling yourself on paper? Would anyone know how good you are?

If you’re unsure, good news! Lou Adler, best-selling author of The Essential Guide for Hiring and Getting Hired and creator of Performance-Based Hiring recently wrote a post on “12 Ways to Spot a High Achiever”…   

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Skills, Not Seniority, Move Your Career in Today’s Workplace


It’s difficult to watch a newcomer come in and be given a position you’ve been working toward for a while.

What about your experience, the relationships you built and loyalty to your company? In today’s highly competitive job market, the value of seniority is changing. Today, it’s about skills and results, not time spent in an office chair.

We spoke with several hiring managers about the state of the traditional career ladder.

We found some interesting changes that you should be aware of while mapping out your career plan:   

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8 Tips to Ace the Extra-Important Second Interview

Job Interview

You’re feeling great after your first interview for a job… you’ve already been told to expect a call back from HR regarding a second interview.

They call, and your initial feelings are excitement and triumph! Just as quickly, they’re replaced by anxiety and fear when you realize this interview is an opportunity to shine or fizzle — to stand out, or fall flat on your face…   

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The Top 5 Job Search Challenges Faced by Veterans


Even when a veteran is ready in body and soul to search for that post-military job, he or she may encounter immediate rejection. Hiring managers generally possess rigid mind sets when it comes to filling their open positions, demanding equally rigid skill sets, no matter who is applying to them.

How, then, do ex-military candidates overcome their unique challenges? Here are five realistic suggestions on how to beat those challenges and attain a civilian job.   

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Hiring Managers Reveal: The Top 5 Interview-Killing Mistakes

Interview Killing Mistakes

Scoring an interview is cause for celebration. A company sees you as a competitive candidate and you have a chance to get your foot in the door!

Your job search is not over yet though… not even close. Now, it’s time to show your future boss that you are just as great of a fit in person as you are on paper.

To help you get even a bigger leg up on your competition, we asked hiring managers about their worst interview experiences with candidates…   

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