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6 Lessons Learned from Cover Letters Gone Wrong


A cover letter can be the spark that ignites a recruiters interest in you. Or, just as easily, can lead to a quick exit for you as a top candidate.

So what makes a really good cover letter… and a bad one? We collected some real-life examples of dead-end cover letters to serve as examples of what not to do the next time you’re making first contact with a prospective employer…   

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Bored No More: 7 Proven Ways to Challenge Yourself at Work

Stay Challenged at Work

When I start to feel like I’m stagnating, doing just the bare minimum, I know I can’t allow myself to fall into the black hole of boredom. I must get my adrenaline pumping again. But how?

To help stop the daydreaming and get excited again about knocking out the day’s challenges, we spoke to a wide array of experts for the best, most practical ways to do so:   

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3 Dumb Mistakes Made When Job Hunting on the Down Low

Stealth job search

Some folks just don’t get it. They look for work while employed and make the same mistakes over and over. Too often, those mistakes can cost you future recommendations, opportunities and connections. Even your current job.

In our age of access to open work environments, unlimited information and fluctuating privacy settings for popular websites, it’s worth going the extra mile to ensure privacy, online and off…   

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These 5 “Wow!” Inducing Questions Will Impress Recruiters

wow question

In addition to the now standard questions good candidates ask during a job interview, you’ve also got to drop in one or two “wow!” inducing bombs… questions so unique, well-researched and enthusiastic that you’re sure to become a truly memorable candidate!

To help you impress your next interviewer, we scoured the web and asked employers about the best questions candidates have asked them…   

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What Do Employers Really Care About When Hiring New Grads?


Congratulations! You got accepted to . Your career is set, right? Maybe not.

While a prestigious college name certainly doesn’t hurt your resume, a new Gallup Survey tells us that—in hiring decisions—“only 9 percent of business leaders say the school on a candidate’s diploma is ‘very important.’”

So, this begs the question: What do they care about?   

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Managers Reveal: The Difference Between Job Search Persistent and Pest


There’s a fine line between being persistent and a pest. It’s in your best interest to learn where that line is because contacting employers directly is the best approach to landing a job.   

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