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Value Propositions: The Answer to the “Why Should I Hire You” Question

Sell Yourself

Value propositions are used in business all the time. A business’s value proposition would be a summary of what a customer could expect to gain from using the business.

For job seekers, a value proposition takes a similar tone… it states exactly what a company can expect to gain by hiring you…   

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Getting Personal During a Job Interview: Can They Ask Me That?


Picture this: you’re at a job interview for your dream position. Everything is going swimmingly until the HR manager smilingly asks you what year you graduated.

You answer. Her smile becomes fixed; her eyes get glassy. Within minutes she’s cut your interview short and practically shoves you out the door…   

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The 3 Most Important Building Blocks of Your Personal Brand

Building a wall from blocks

In the Social Age, your personal brand – both online and off – is your reputation. You either have a favorable one or not, based on the promises you keep. When you keep your commitments and over-deliver on your promises, you build trust. You set yourself apart from the competition and create a lasting impression. It used to be that you could walk into a room – a job interview, a networking meeting, and much more – and leave your mark. Today, your brand precedes you; your customers see you well before you see them. Think of recruiters and hiring managers as   

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5 Tips to Keep Your Resume Short and Relevant


As a young professional, keeping your resume concise is crucial. One page is a good rule of thumb because it’s easy for busy employers to scan.

“Focus on communicating how what you possess meets my needs instead of focusing on how pretty your resume is or whether you have two bullet points or a dozen,” says Alan Guinn, managing director at The Guinn Consultancy Group Inc.   

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Top Recruiters Share Their Phone Interview Pet Peeves


Many employers use the phone interview as an initial screening; this short conversation decides who moves on to the next round… and who doesn’t. Unfortunately, many professionals don’t take the phone interview as seriously as an in-person interview.

Big mistake…   

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6 Ways to Get a Recruiter on Your Side (And Keep Them There)


A recruiter’s typical day is a whirlwind of emails, resumes, job interviews, blogs, social media, phone screens, background checks and LinkedIn profiles. For many, a 12-hour work day is considered normal.

Amid all that hustle – and with everyone else demanding the recruiter’s time – how do you make a recruiter really care about your career… and make your job search a top priority?   

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