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10 FREE Apps Every College Student Needs Right Now

10 Free Apps

College students are constantly connected to a variety of gadgets, from smartphones to tablets and laptops to wearables. And both Apple and Android offer dozens of apps to help them get the most out of their work and play.

Here are 10 of the best apps I use on a regular basis…    

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Does Your Personal Brand Label You (and Limit Your Potential)?


I was asked an awesome question today by a client who had been looking at some of my competitors’ website: “Why do you charge one rate for most resumes instead of charging based on experience level?”   

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3 Smooth Career Moves to Make Before 2016 Starts

Career 2016

The year isn’t over yet… there’s still time left in 2015 to do great things for your career.

Instead of spending a month or so thinking about next year’s resolutions, challenge yourself to complete these three smooth career moves before this year ends…   

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5 Things College Won’t Teach You About the Real World

What College Won

Both nerve-wracking and unforgettable at the same time, getting that first job is a milestone for every person.

Unfortunately, school doesn’t teach you everything you need to know about life after graduation… like these five things.   

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How Do You Define the New American Dream Job? [Infographic]

At one point, the American “dream job” had a lot to do with stability, decent benefits and a great pension plan.

My, how times have changed!   

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5 Ways to Start Your Career While Still in College

Career college

Kicking off your career in college is essential to your success after graduation. College students who do internships, brand themselves, and gain real world experience are more likely to land jobs after college than those who don’t do anything to advance their careers.

There are so many different things you can do to launch your career as a college student…   

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