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3 Career Transition Strategies for Today’s Job Market

career transition

The potential for change is no longer limited to a lateral or upward movement within one’s field; it’s multi-directional, and it’s about recognizing opportunities to which we can match our own value and expertise. Here are a few key areas to consider and integrate into your overall marketing strategy if you’re serious about making a career transition.   

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Starting Over: A Career Issue Many Women Face


Many people of both genders face career transitions; some of us do it with grace, and some of us kick and scream the entire way. But the world is changing at a rate that will only continue to accelerate.

And has many have discovered: change is not only necessary… it is exhilarating.   

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5 Practical Tips for Transitioning from Classroom to Career

Classroom to Cubicle

After earning her degree, one of my daughters is facing that challenging post-college period when the summer partying is over, her friends are scattered up and down the country and the cold reality of ‘what’s next?’ takes center stage.

Sound familiar? If the answer to that question is yes, what practical actions can you take? What mindset would serve you best as you begin the job search in earnest?   

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Are You the New Guy? Here’s 10 Ways to Quickly Establish Yourself

new guy

Entering the workforce for the first time or starting a new gig can be challenging. Making it even more difficult: being new to a tenured team – a team that has already spent years or decades creating their culture, developing common ways of doing things and building a shared understanding between members.

Here are 10 ways you can ease the “new guy” transition, and quickly establish yourself as part of the team…   

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Campus to Career: 30 Tips to Make a Smooth Transition


What can this year’s graduating students do to give themselves a chance of a successful transition to professional life? A heads-up about the common business attitudes and behaviors expected in the workplace would be a start.

Here are 30 tips on being professional, whether as an intern, on a work placement or first graduate job…   

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Considering Entrepreneurship As a Career? 6 Critical Skills to Master


The most successful people in the world are the ones that focus on doing one thing well. Warren Buffett, the world’s richest investor, once said that absolute focus is the single most important element in determining a person’s success.

The focus of his own life has been dedicated to investing, in finding great companies at good prices. His company, Berkshire Hathaway, has gone from $8 per share in 1965 to over $153,000 a share. Not bad, right?

The world’s best CEOs are masters at these 5 essential skills. Take a look and see what skills every entrepreneur needs in order to be successful and effective, so you can master these skills as well.   

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