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Want to Get Ahead? Become a Brand Ambassador for Your Employer

Brand Ambassador

Young careerists are always looking for ways to stand out; to get ahead and be noticed. Increasingly, that includes using social media as a communication tool.

Many have found that their love of all things social – and their ability to build relationships – is setting them apart from their less-social colleagues, who stick to age-old business practices like emailing, cold-calling, and broadcasting messages…   

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YouTern’s #60Day Career Challenge: Will You Join Us?


Starting with tonight’s #InternPro chat on Twitter, YouTern is laying down a challenge:

In 60 days, become 100% ready to turn your dream career – or the next step in your career plan – into real-world reality.

It all starts tonight at 9pm ET/6pm PT on #InternPro Chat. Roll up your sleeves. Put your work gloves on. Get ready to hustle – and be prepared to turn your career dreams into real world reality!   

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Who Knew: Killer Career Advice from Prime-time Television


Strange as it may sound, insightful career advice is coming from your TV.

Next time you curl up on the couch after work to watch TV, listen closely. Primetime is full of beneficial advice, sometimes from unlikely sources. For example:   

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Is “Career Benchmarking” The Key to Measuring Up?


A fellow Community Manager friend of mine recently asked me to keep an eye out for social media positions for her. When I asked if she was leaving her current position, she said “No, I’m happy where I am… I just want to see what’s out there… See where I fit.”

So, although she doesn’t plan to leave her current company, she still wants to look at other positions. To some this may seem like a waste of time. But it’s actually a great practice for young professionals, called “career benchmarking”…   

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What is Underemployment? And How Do We Avoid this Career Trap?

win the fight

Unemployment has been in the news a lot recently, but few people have been paying attention to the number of underemployed people in this country.

While these individuals don’t fit neatly into a pie chart, this is a real and growing problem worthy of our attention. Luckily, there’s also a way to fight underemployment…   

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3 Simple Tips to Improve How You’re Perceived in the Workplace


During the first semester of my junior year, I was working on a complex and drawn out group project with three of my classmates, with written portions that had to be completed every day by each group member. At the project’s end, all of these written materials had to be compiled together into one cohesive document. Having volunteered to do the final edit, I was up late one night working on the project when I found that one of my group members had skipped his reflection assignment for a particular day. I immediately began composing an email to him to   

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