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Career Advice Straight from the Stars [Infographic]

career advice

At times, career advice seems to come from everywhere. From internet blogs to Sunday dinner with your parents, you just can’t seem to escape those little tidbits of knowledge meant to help you become a success. But who can you trust? How can you be sure that the advice you’re getting is good advice? Well, to be honest, you really can’t. Because everyone’s career path is different and no advice, no matter how well-intended, works for everyone. So, how about listening to some advice from people you may not expect to hear from? Career Advice from Celebrities Career advice can   

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From Young Pros to Young Pros: The Best New Year Career Advice

new year career advice

It’s a new year and new beginning for your career. Especially for young professionals. To help you get started with the best new year career advice, we asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) this question:

“What is the best beginning of the year career advice you have for young professionals?”   

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Self-Evaluation: The Key to a Successful Job Search


Have you been searching for a job, but your phone just isn’t ringing? Chances are, you aren’t doing enough of the most effective job search activities.

Self-evaluation, for example…   

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3 Smooth Career Moves to Make Before 2016 Starts

Career 2016

The year isn’t over yet… there’s still time left in 2015 to do great things for your career.

Instead of spending a month or so thinking about next year’s resolutions, challenge yourself to complete these three smooth career moves before this year ends…   

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Career Advice For Women, From Women: Breaking Glass Episode 1

Breaking Glass 300 x 200

On our first Breaking Glass episode on Blab, we covered a lot of ground.

And we are very proud that we, in our first show, put a real dent in our mission: to help younger women navigate their career path as we – established career women, advisors, mentors – take on hot topics and answer the tough questions.   

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6 Tips to Help Launch Your Career on LinkedIn

Launch yourself

You know that each social network has its own purpose. However, most all of them revolve around sharing updates about your life or business while connecting with those that might be difficult to connect with in the real world.

LinkedIn, though, is different…   

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