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Don’t Be Bowled Over… Be Referee of Your Own Career


Are you excited for Superbowl Sunday? Ready for a skills face-off of Richard Sherman vs Peyton Manning? Here’s to hoping the players decide the game’s outcome more than the refs do.

Since we’re in football mode… let me ask you this – are you serving as the ref in your own game of life? Or do you let others in your life “make the call”? When life feels like it’s getting out of control, don’t be afraid the “pull the plug”, like the lights-out event in last year’s Superbowl, and regroup.   

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3 Ways We Turn Failure Into Long-term Career Success


As we young professionals build careers, we rarely (if ever) factor in the inevitability of failure at some point along the way.

Once you realize failure is just a normal part of the experience, how can you make it work for you? How can you benefit from all the times that you have (or will) fall on your face?

Here are 3 steps to turn your immediate failures into lasting successes…

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Real World Career Advice: Forget the Five Year Plan

Ditch Your 5-year plan

The idea of a “five year plan” is seductive. It seems so responsible, so Type A, so expensive-suit-with-coordinating-footwear. People with five year plans sound like go-getters.

Except the truth is, five year plans are full of it.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have career goals, or to make you feel powerless—because it couldn’t be further from the truth. What I’m saying is that five year plans are too limiting.   

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How to Create Legendary Career Success Like Jay Z


An ambitious kid from Brooklyn’s rugged Marcy Housing Projects, Sean “Jay Z” Carter has grown to become a most successful entrepreneurs. Today, Jay Z’s net worth totals about $500 million.

So, what’s the secret behind his consistent success rooted from humble beginnings? We researched numerous interviews and biographies to pinpoint the four most essential nuggets of advice Jay Z has to offer…   

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10 Tips for Young Professionals to Rock Their First Real Job

first job

You are excited to enter the working world for the first time. It’s exciting, yes… and it’s also definitely going to be intimidating.

You may think you know what to expect. However, as in any new situation, there will be several aspects of your new life chapter that will catch you by surprise…   

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5 Career Skills Every 20-Something Must Master

Career Skills

As a young professional, you’ll inevitably encounter career-related situations you’ll have to deal with: bad bosses, catty colleagues, work-life balance issues, considering new job opportunities. Navigating the real world isn’t easy, but with experience, the lessons you learn begin to stick.

As you begin your career, you should master certain skills that will encourage your success. Not quite there yet? Here is a list of the top five career-related tasks you should know how to perform, and quick tips to develop those skills:   

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