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5 Smart Tips for Finding Your First Real Job

Finding Your First Job

You’ve invested time and effort in years of education. You’ve gained some work experience, either per hour or via internships. And perhaps you’ve had a few sleepless nights thinking “what now??”

And now, with graduation and celebrations way behind you and summer almost over, it is time to step into the real world – and find your first real job….   

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3 Never-Fail Career Tips for Not-so-Recent Grads

Networking Tips

Even though the unemployment rate for college graduates is now lower than the overall unemployment rate, you may be finding yourself in a job search long after you retired the cap and gown.

How do you increase your chances of finding a job after being unemployed for an extended period of time?    

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Get Stronger: Embrace Healthy Competition in Your Career

Self Improvement

Everywhere we look, someone is in competition with us, competing to be the best. Whether it’s Darwin’s survival of the fittest in nature or an athletic sport, competition is what creates success.

In any competition, it’s up to us to determine whether or not we win…mostly. We all get a bad break here and there, but it’s what we do with that luck event that can really turn things around.

I’ve been attending a series of inspiring Enactus competitions this Spring (disclaimer: I work for Enactus) and have discovered that everything seems to fall into categories. As a job seeker or lifelong student, check out these three nuggets gleaned from competition:   

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