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What Would You Do With 20 More Hours per Week?

Get More Done

By now, it’s become commonly accepted that multitasking is bad. However, there are several opportunities throughout the day during where “double-tasking” can be your the best friend of a young professional.

By grouping the activities below together, I routinely add up to four hours of productivity to my day…   

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Why Young Professionals Must Learn to Focus on NOW

under30ceo pic

We Millennials want immediate gratification. Instant results.

It’s this mentality of immediacy that results in many of us being stressed and frustrated when we don’t see results early on in our careers. This can then lead us to questioning our chosen career path and if it’s really the best fit…   

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Unsure of a Career Direction? 3 Steps to Get You Focused

career direction

Recently, I met with some friends who will graduate from college soon and are anxious about what’s next.

They shared: “Ugh, I hate not knowing what I’m going to do with my life!”

And I thought I’d share with you what I shared with them: It’s okay. You don’t have to know.

In my many interviews and readings about successful people, it’s become clear that those with the most exciting and successful careers were never quite able to answer the question “what is your dream job.”   

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How to Build a Career After Realizing Your Degree Isn’t Helping

Social Media Side Door

What do you do when you realize the degree you spent all those years completing… is completely useless? When the only job you can land after graduation is… collections?

If you’re Ian Greenleigh – author of the must-read book “The Social Media Side Door” – you use your most marketable skill (social media) to “flip the script”. You ignore the limitations and stereotypes that come with your college degree, think differently than anyone would have expected, and you write your own ticket…   

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Career 2.0: A Sustainable Workforce Model for New Millennials


Another day, another Boomer blogger lumping all Millennials into one composite person… talking about how best to “lead” Gen Y as though they aren’t already in the room.

While Millennials continue to deal with these broad stereotypes, they are also painfully aware of their workforce reality: the majority of them did not, and will not, have a job waiting for them at graduation. And yet we blame them for not wanting to follow in our incompetent footsteps?   

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5 Career Skills Every 20-Something Must Master

Career Skills

As a young professional, you’ll inevitably encounter career-related situations you’ll have to deal with: bad bosses, catty colleagues, work-life balance issues, considering new job opportunities. Navigating the real world isn’t easy, but with experience, the lessons you learn begin to stick.

As you begin your career, you should master certain skills that will encourage your success. Not quite there yet? Here is a list of the top five career-related tasks you should know how to perform, and quick tips to develop those skills:   

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