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7 Helpful Tips for Creating a Dream Career

Dream Career

In order to have a fulfilling professional life, choosing a career you’ll enjoy and that will keep you motivated – is critically important.

But how do you find a role that suits your passions, skills and interests? How do you know if the job or career you choose is really right for you?   

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Is An Accelerated Master’s Program Right for You?

Accelerated Masters Degree

Many of us follow a similar educational path: An undergraduate degree, work for a few years, and return to school for a master’s degree.

Of course, some students immediately transition from college to graduate school. However, the conventional wisdom has always been that graduate school is most useful once you have a few years of work experience under your belt…   

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Career Regrets: 10 Things Recent Grads Would Do Differently

Career Mistakes Made in College

While still in school, it can be easy to keep reality on the back-burner. Unfortunately, that often leads to a lack of preparation… and a tough job search after graduation.

The reality is that college students everywhere are learning that you must be ready to compete for the job, aggressively, well before you walk across that stage, diploma in hand. Let’s just say: “Regrets… they have a few.”   

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Advice for Career Changers: Tell HR What They Really Want to Hear

It’s important to understand the top concerns employers have when it comes to hiring someone whose experience falls outside of their industry or focus, and how to frame your answers to positively address those concerns and instill confidence in your capabilities.   

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Five Top Five for Serious Job Seekers: Blogs and Authors

There are many career-related blogs out there – and far more career experts – that cover job search techniques, advice for your resume, interview tips, and much more. And for the most part, they are very good at what they do: help you become more effective in your search for a job or internship.

However, these five are stand-outs because rather than the cheerleading (“each day is a new day!”) that seems to come with the territory, they subscribe to the “tell it like it is” theory…   

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