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The World’s Most Underrated Career Skills (And How to Get Them)


Soft skills are the new black. Communications skills, leadership skills, problem solving skills… all among the most in-demand by employers.

However, there are other soft skills that, while not as popular as “work ethic” and “analytical thinking”, make all the difference…   

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The 7 Most Underrated Career Skills… Ever


We hear a lot about communication, leadership, problem solving, and so many other soft skills. And for good reason. Those skills are among the most in-demand by many employers.

However, there are seven other soft skills that, while not discussed as often as their popular counterparts, make all the difference. These underrated skills set candidates apart from other graduates, applicants and careerists.   

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Use the Classroom to Learn the No. 1 Soft Skill: Communication

Communication Skills

What makes someone a good employee? Characteristics like a positive attitude, attention to detail, and organizational skills are at the top of the list. However, the one skill that stands out in the best employees is well-developed verbal communication.

By flexing those articulators in class, we’re doing our part to hone our communication skills – and becoming far more employable in the process. Here are three familiar classroom communication scenarios and how you can use those experiences to help you on the job,,,   

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Bragging the Right Way: A Talent Perfected Through Practice


Bragging about yourself makes you look bad, right? Wrong!

All your life, you’ve probably been told bragging is detrimental to your character, reputation and self-image. We’ve all met that girl who just won’t shut up about herself – and – we’ve all met that guy who can’t shut up about high school. Ugh.

Bragging doesn’t have to be negative, though…   

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7 Keys to Master any New Life or Career Skill

You Are Good Enough

We’re continuously growing and learning. Everyone has unique gifts and talents, strengths and abilities.

Sometimes, though, we find ourselves questioning those skills and abilities. We compare ourselves to others with perhaps more natural talent.

Always remember, though: we ALL have the capability of learning new skills; whether simple or complex, for career or life. Through hard work, and by following these seven keys to mastering a new skill, we can become better… at anything…   

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