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We Need to Talk About Your Cover Letter


For many hiring managers or resume screeners, your cover letter explains which job you are interested in and more importantly WHY you are interested in the job and position.

By interested, I also mean qualified. Your cover letter must explain what value you are bringing to the company…   

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Job Seeker Special: 5 Proven Tips to Expand Your Personal Network

Expand Your Personal Network

Your personal sphere of influence is the key to a strong career, and a successful job search. So no matter where you stand now: you likely want or need to expand your network.

But especially during a job search, there’s a built-in problem: how do you approach someone you want to meet without sounding like a desperate job seeker?   

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3 Books New Grads Must Read Before Job Hunting

Resume Coloring Book

Graduation is right around the corner. It is time to find your first job.

Successful job search skills must be learned, sometimes the hard way. And like most skills, mastery takes time. To shorten the time it might take for you to find work, I’m showcasing three books written specifically to help the new graduate enter the workforce after graduation…   

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The Amazing LinkedIn Resources You’re Not Using Yet (But Should Be!)

LinkedIn Resources for Students 600

LinkedIn is perhaps the most powerful networking resource job seekers have at their disposal. According to Jobvite, 36% of job seekers report that they use LinkedIn. That’s a fairly large number. Well, it’s a large number until you consider that 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn! This difference in percentage means many job seekers will not be found.

Let’s build a bridge! I want to arm you with official LinkedIn resources to help educate and inform new job seekers on how to get the most from LinkedIn. Ready?   

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5 Expert Tips to Help Recruiters Find You on LinkedIn

jobvite LI survey

As we all know, well over 90% of recruiters are using LinkedIn according to the 2013 Jobvite social recruiting study, to search, contact, keep tabs, and vet candidates.

So why isn’t your phone ringing off the hook with job offers?

Here’s what you need to do to ensure recruiters are looking at your LinkedIn profile…   

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The Social Job Search: Cure for the Resume Black Hole


If you haven’t experienced the dreaded “resume black hole” during your job search yet… the odds are high you will some day.

The resume black hole – where your resume goes never to be heard from again – usually encountered by job seekers who apply through the traditional means of sending a resume to job postings…   

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