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A Recruiter’s Perspective: If I Was Running Career Services


Think of the years spent teaching a child good manners, how to ride a bike, brush their teeth, clean their room. With these in mind, think about this:

Can personal career management be learned in a few short weeks at the end of the senior year?

We’ve missed out on teaching young adults that “finding” a career requires introspection – and re-visiting the personal vision many times throughout their lives.

I understand this might be hard to accept. But based on the employability of our college graduates, perhaps we have the wrong people, or the right people in the wrong system, providing guidance.

It’s time to change that, and for Career Services – as well as mentors, alumni, influencers and industry leaders – to take the lead.   

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If Career Services is from Mars, Are Students from Venus?

Career Services

I recently read “Roadmap for Transforming the College-to-Career Experience” – a refreshing and incredibly insightful look into many of the shortcomings of current college career services models.

The Editor argues that career services models offered by most colleges don’t address the realities of today’s working world and students. So what does the future look like for college-to-career? It’s a good question, but if you imagine college-to-career transition as a seamless and low-friction extension of a gamified curriculum you’re probably not too far off.

What do you think the future of college-to-career looks like?   

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Students and Career Centers: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

I’ve heard some Career Centers complain that they try to offer services for students, but no one takes advantage. They also complain that students don’t bother with the center until their last year, when they are looking for a job. I’ve heard them attribute it to “laziness and apathy”. My two cents, from the “customer of career centers” point of view: If your entire campus is full of lazy, apathetic students, your view of your “customer” sucks! You might as well just start handing out McDonald’s applications. Or, you can market the services your center offers – and start a positive, word-of-mouth campaign about your value to the students on campus. Here’s how…   

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Pick Your Career First, Your College Second!

While many students and their parents view college as a natural progress for high school graduates, most students fail to actively think about and/or research various careers before making the decision of which college to attend, and what major to pursue.

Researching careers is much easier than most students think it is.   

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The New York Times’ Ongoing Debate: Paid vs. Unpaid Internships

Once again, the New York Times throws its mighty weight and influence at the topic of unpaid internships, and once again everyone reacts. This time last year, their paper-selling (sorry, “digital subscription” selling) headline was “The Unpaid Intern, Legal or Not”. And, right when the furor dies down – and right before the summer internship season  begins – they throw in this year’s sh*t-stirring entry: “Unpaid Interns, Complicit Colleges”. Really? We’re going there? Calling out college career centers for doing what they feel they must to help desperate soon-to-be graduates find real work? Look, YouTern has pointed out where career   

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Invert your Career Fair: Lessons Learned and Next Steps

YouTern is proud to present this follow-up guest post  from Elizabeth Dexter-Wilson, Coordinator of Career Services at Spring Hill College. Last week I was honored to have YouTern highlight my blog post “Empower Job Seekers: Invert your Career Fair“. Since then, I have received several inquiries regarding the event and am happy to follow up with this post. On March 30, my event titled “Hire on The Hill; Open House and Student Showcase” premiered at Spring Hill College. For a first time event, the student booths were well produced and the recruiter feedback was overwhelmingly positive. So, will I do   

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