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All About Results: Here’s Exactly How to Best Use 50+ Job Search Websites

job search websites

Looking for resources to help your job search? Our colleague Hannah Morgan lays out how and when to use some of the best job search websites to improve your job search results!    

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Recruiters Reveal: The Career Resources You Need to Win the Job [Infographic]

career resources

When it comes to career resources, Google is your best friend. But it’s hard to separate valuable, professional advice in our “everyone is an expert” world.

What good are all of those career resources if they don’t actually help you win the job?   

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Free Online Courses to Master These 20 Hot Job Skills


Employers often complain that there are plenty of candidates out there, but few of them actually have the skills they’re looking for.

With the right skill development, you can become the qualified candidate that’s just right for the job; and you don’t even need a new degree to develop them. Read on as we explore 20 of the most in-demand job skills employers are looking for today, and some of the free online courses you can use to get qualified.   

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Build Your Career with a “Real” Education… After Graduation

College towns across the country are buzzing with the excitement of students going back to school.

Many of us already in the workforce, though, aren’t going back to school. And yet… we never stop learning.

No matter what industry we’re in, there’s always more to learn. Trends and information change quickly; if we don’t keep up… we’re left behind. The good news: there are simple ways to learn outside the classroom to keep us a valuable, knowledgeable resource for our company and colleagues. Check out these tips:   

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Gen Y Journey: Achieving Career Goals by Leveraging Your Resources

We hear the word “leverage” often; especially in tight economies.

What does it mean to leverage? What should I be leveraging?

Being out of college for a year now, working in an entry level position, constantly working to build this blog and the ideas behind it and facing the harsh realities of living in the “real world,” I’ve quickly learned what it means to leverage.

For me, it means identifying my resources and utilizing them to their fullest potential…   

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Career Search Resources For Gen Y

Today, I wanted to let all of my fellow Gen Y’ers know about some amazing tools that are out there to help us in our Career Search. It’s no secret that times are tough and our generation is facing the most difficult job market since World War II. We need all the help we can get!

Good luck out there in “Career Search Land”!   

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