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Want to “Find My Passion”? Stop Searching, Start Doing

Here’s the fundamental issue: We’re led to believe that we’ll find passion, so long as we are hopeful it will one day arrive.

Authors, speakers, leaders, and gurus use this word with a near religious application – that passion is an indispensable part of personal success and happiness.

For those who would like to increase their odds of living a passionate life, I suggest you stop indulging in the following traps:   

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3 Ways to Infuse Your Work With Passion Again

During tough economic times, many people think they need to sacrifice their passion to focus on earning money. From a spiritual perspective, this is the exact opposite approach to generating real abundance. Without an emphasis on passion, it’s likely that no matter how many actions you take, you’ll still wind up feeling stuck.

But when you focus on following your passion and letting your inspiration flow, your energy gets a boost and your earning capacity is strong. Here are three simple and effective ways you can bring more passion into your life—even if you’re already incredibly busy:   

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Passion: What Would You Do, Even if No One Was Paying You?

“Part of being discontent is losing sight of what your passion is in life.” We spend so much of our lives building a career. But many of us never find our passion… or even really know what that word means. It’s important to stop and ask ourselves some questions, the answers to which will tell us what we would do, even if no one was paying us. And this is the essence of passion.   

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