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Introvert or Extrovert: How Personality Influences Your Career Options

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More often than not, talk about the job market revolves around companies looking for the right person to fill a particular job. And there’s plenty of advice available to help you prove that you’re that person. But have you ever thought about flipping the script? If you think about it, finding the right job for the person is just as important. Especially when you’re talking about a career. Each of us has a our own unique personality and some jobs are just better suited to who we are. Sure, our skills and aptitudes play a big part in our career choices, but the way we look at the world may also impact the best career option.   

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Create More Career Options: Earn an Online Certificate

Certificate programs are gaining attention from educators, students and employers as a way to get college experience and academic credit without completing a full degree program. This shorter duration enables employees to speed up their skill development and career advancement.

These higher education alternatives, shorter in duration than most degrees, are offered by both for-profit and not-for-profit institutions, and often include online learning options.

Chances are you can find an online learning option to meet your needs and interests.    

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