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#InternPro Chat: How to Find Your Perfect Career (and Avoid Big Career Mistakes)

perfect career

Every day we make decisions that affect our lives. But some decisions impact our future so dramatically that we consider them life-changing. One of the most important such decision is choosing the perfect career. The funny thing is, thanks to educational requirements, we often have to make that choice before we turn 18.   

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Career Mistakes : 5 Common Lessons Learned by Young Professionals

career mistakes

Growing from your career mistakes — and using them to take your career in the right direction — is what counts.

At least, that’s what several professionals learned from these post-college blunders….   

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10 Biggest Career Mistakes Made by Today’s Successful Entrepreneurs


There is no such thing as a career sure bet. Failures will happen. Pivots will become necessary. In fact, even some of today’s most successful entrepreneurs made some mistakes along the way.

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Are You Making These 15 Career-Damaging Mistakes?

Career Mistakes

Think it is hard to find a job? Turns out that for many young careerists it is just as hard to keep that job!

Let’s take a look at how to avoid some common career-damaging mistakes made by many of us as we work our way into our careers…   

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The Top 5 Early Career Mistakes Made by Millennials

Career Mistakes

We often read about the mistakes “all” job seekers make. “Don’t do this on your resume. Don’t do that in an interview.” What about the mistakes specific to your generation?

Millennial job seekers get criticized for being lazy and entitled (all the time, perhaps every time). Meanwhile, your generation will make up 36 percent of the workforce by next year. Yes, 36%… the majority.

So you need to be aware of the five early career mistakes Millennials are making… and avoid them…   

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Steer Clear of These 3 Career-Killing Mistakes

One particularly big mistake could mean the end of your career. We’ve all experienced that one coworker who drinks too much at a staff party and isn’t at the office on Monday. And the coworker who contributes nothing and hides at her desk can just as easily be replaced.

And even the best employees are susceptible to common career mistakes. Walt Disney, for example, was fired early in his career for not producing creative content at the Kansas City Star newspaper.

So let’s take a look at the most common career mistakes and how to avoid them.   

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