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10 Ways to Use Social Media for Career Management

career management

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram go everywhere we go. We’re always connected. Why not use social media to help you with career management! No matter where you are in your work life: recent college graduate, mid-career or closing in on retirement, “there is an app for that” as the saying goes.   

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Accomplishments Matter Most: Do You Have a Career Success Story?

career advancement

To advance in your career, you must make notable accomplishments at work. To earn your place in the upper levels, you must do more than just putting in the hours. Results matter most.

You must deserve it.

You have to figure out what you can accomplish, do it, keep track, and perhaps most importantly… be able to tell your success story!   

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Want to Advance Your Career? Find This Extra Hour Every Day


You start the workday fired up with energy and great intentions. You plan to work on big projects you know you need to do to advance your career – to build the career capital that will help you at this job and your next few jobs.

Then the first emails show up. And your phone rings, and you have to leave soon for the first of three back-to-back meetings. By the time your last meeting has run 45 minutes late, you barely have the energy to walk to the subway, let alone plot world domination.

When are you supposed work on your career when you can’t find time to think?

Here’s what successful people know: You DO have time!   

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Career Management: Some People Just “Get It”… Do You?

Work Like Crazy

Maybe some were born with crazy career management skills…

Last week, I saw a dramatic example of this as I volunteered to conduct mock interviews at the NW Youth Career Expo, the largest job fair in the metro Portland area that attracts 5,200 students.

This was my fourth time volunteering at the event, and I absolutely, positively love it. Why? Because this is the best place to get the first glimpse of the future workforce…    

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