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Virtual Job Fairs: Everything You Need to Know to Succeed

virtual job fairs

Let’s face it. We live in a virtual world. Every day more and more of our lives are moving online.

And so it only makes sense that the process of job hunting, hiring, and job fairs is going virtual…   

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Job Fair Success: 11 Tips That Help You Stand Out in a Crowd

job fair

Job fairs are a great way for employers and job seekers to meet face-to-face without spending a lot of time and effort coordinating a typical interview.

However, for the job seeker, the convenience of being able to meet with multiple hiring managers doesn’t mean that preparing for the interviews will be easier or require less effort — in fact, just the opposite.

This means the majority of the work must be done before and after the meeting.

Here are some tips on preparing for a job fair interview and standing out from the crowd:   

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Getting the Most from Career Fairs… Without Squishy Balls

For many who aspire to great heights, the search for an internship begins at the career fair – also known as the place where companies advertise how great they are by giving away squishy balls, thumb drives, and multi-LED pens.

Career fair giveaways are the like red hind quarters of female baboons used to attract males during mating; companies lure you to their table with cheap pieces of corporate swag. And many intern seekers flock to these tchotchkes, stuffing as many of these as they can into one of the company’s equally cheap giveaway bags… and leave without the promise of an interview.

It’s time to plan and execute a better career fair strategy.   

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