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Unusual Career Advice for College Grads: Work for Free

Have you ever wondered what makes people successful? Have you ever wondered what makes people wealthy? There are a lot of opinions on this, but one common theme. Successful people work for free.

This idea is made clear in the book, “Good To Great”, by Jim Collins and it is called the hedgehog concept. The metaphor is borrowed from the tale of the smart fox who was consistently outmaneuvered by the spiky hedgehog blows.    

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Gauge “Old-School” Career Advice with Your Bulls#%t Meter

When looking for career advice, be aware that some “experts” don’t get it. They tout advice from 10 or more years ago, from another time and a different economy – espousing as essential, working for large mega-corporations.

There are some “real” career experts out there – those who give you advice relevant to today’s challenging economy. But it’s up to you to decide who is in which group, by engaging your Bulls#%t Meter.   

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Five Top Five for Serious Job Seekers: Blogs and Authors

There are many career-related blogs out there – and far more career experts – that cover job search techniques, advice for your resume, interview tips, and much more. And for the most part, they are very good at what they do: help you become more effective in your search for a job or internship.

However, these five are stand-outs because rather than the cheerleading (“each day is a new day!”) that seems to come with the territory, they subscribe to the “tell it like it is” theory…   

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Career Experts Volunteer to Get Job Seekers “Hired for the Holidays”

The team at YouTern is proud to support “Hired for the Holidays” – a collaborative effort to help exceptional job seekers find work, one person at a time.

As you read our press release below, please consider joining our efforts as a sponsor. By using your expertise, personal network and a little elbow grease, you’ll make a huge difference during this holiday season – and into the New Year!   

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