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Is the 8-hour Work Day Doomed to Extinction? [Infographic]

There was a time when the 9 to 5 workday made sense. Productivity in a manufacturing environment was tied directly to the number of hours worked. Output was more important than creativity. And, frankly, laborers were being exploited.

For many in the workforce today, however, the 8-hour workday seems as outdated as fax machines as newspapers…   

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New Age Jobs: The Future Careers of Gen Y and Gen Z [Infographic]

The Career Path of Gen Y and Gen Z

How does a student or young professional best prepare for this transition from old-school to new-school? How do members of Gen Z and younger members of Gen Y know what might lie ahead of them in the workplace?

This infographic takes a look at our uncertain future, including what jobs might be most in-demand just a few years from now and what skills will be required as they pursue new age jobs such as Nano-Medic, Climate Controller and Avatar Manager…   

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Career Confusion: Which Job Might Be Right For You? [Infographic]


“What do you want to be when you grow up?” From about the age of six, this is a question we hear often. And by the time we’re in high school, it seems everyone we meet asks us some variation of this question. But how do you really know – based on your strengths, weaknesses and personality type –what career is right for you? And if you do already have an answer to the “…when you grow up…” question, how do you know if that career will be in high demand by employers? Vista College, through this comprehensive infographic, not   

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How Happy Are We at Work? [Infographic]


We all hope to find our dream job. We strive to create an amazing career. But how many of us are happy – really happy – with our work?

The fact is that many of us – as you can see in this infographic from Lasalle Network and Careerbuilder – feel underemployed, under-trained and under-paid. Many also feel as though they have a job rather than a career – and that they are too often overlooked for promotion…   

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Ask These 3 Questions to Learn from Career Mistakes Made

Career Mistakes Made

Within 2 years of graduating college I had managed to have 3 different jobs that had nothing to do with each other (to be precise: marketing, nannying, and law).

Worse yet: in changing jobs, I did everything you’re definitely not supposed to do…   

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The Chasm That Exists Between Candidates and Employers [Infographic]

Running Off to Join the Workforce

Where do employers find candidates today? How well does college prepare young careerists for the workforce? What skills are most in demand? This infographic, build upon data collected by a national survey of job seekers and HR professionals by Beyond.com and Millennial Branding, shows us exactly what hiring managers are looking for when searching for candidates today. It also shows where disconnects occur between employers and the job candidates running off to join the workforce. Take a look, and then maybe think about your current job search strategy: Are you emphasizing the right skills? Is your branding readily available where   

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