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College is Just One Option: 3 Ideas for Career Direction

Fork in the road

For young people, on some days it’s hard enough to choose what to wear, let alone choose a single career for the rest of your life. Although we’re generally expected to finish high school, enroll in college and know exactly what career we want, for many future young professionals this isn’t always the case.

For some people, the “usual” university route isn’t right for them. Fortunately, there are myriad career options out there for those who are either a tad unsure, or simply looking to buy some time before settling on one career choice. If you’re one of these unsettled souls, here are three ideas to give your career some direction.   

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Bad Career Advice: “Do This… It Will Look Good on Your Resume”

Bad Career Advice

Every internship or job we get as college kids means something for our resume. It means that we can flush out the old and begin with the new.

But the cliche of taking on a project just because it “looks good on a resume” to me simply has to go. There has to be something better.

Am I really working as a part-time landscaper during the summer to have it “look good on a resume”? Absolutely not.   

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Your Ultimate Career Goal: Finding Your Purpose

Why set goals?

Clayton M. Christensen, Harvard professor and a business adviser to the CEO of Intel, has argued that the most useful learning anyone can do is to determine their life’s purpose. Then all subsequent goals are a means of living your life’s purpose. Your decisions about where you put your time, energy and talent will then shape your life’s strategy.   

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