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Do You Have a Career Development To-Do List in Place?

career development

A career development to-do list is one that lists the tasks you need to do to enrich, improve, and advance your career. People to meet, skills to learn, places to go, things to do, etc.

Do you have a career to-do list? If not… why not?   

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14 Leadership Skills Needed to Compete in Today’s Job Market [Infographic]

future leadership skills

Everything changes. Research leads to progress. In the business world, companies are dicarding old, inneffective leadership paradigms in favor of more human centered practices. This means that the leadership skills you think you possess today, may not be what companies are looking for tomorrow. But don’t panic; it’s never to early to begin developing future leadership skills.    

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Summer Planning for College Students: Making the Most of Your Time Off [Infographic]

summer planning

As a college student today, can you really afford to waste those months on an extended vacation? Shouldn’t you use the time to further your career development?

All it takes is a little summer planning…   

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Online Learning: Now Crucial to Your Career Development

online learning

What comes to mind when you think of online learning? Imagery of a sketchy, unknown institution with a website full of smoke and mirrors designed to hoodwink students, maybe? If it does, then you’re thinking of what online learning was a decade ago. Yes, poor experiences with online universities happen. These poor examples of distance education are vastly outnumbered by the legitimate online learning opportunities available today.   

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How We Really Feel About Career Development and Feedback


Dan Schawbel sent me The Global Workforce Leadership Survey and I was curious to see the findings.

I dug through the data trying to make sense of the gaps between what employees said they wanted (or got) and what companies said they provided. The gaps raise important issues for us all to think and talk about…   

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Career Development Is Your (Other) Full-time Job

Something I hear a lot from job seekers recently is that they have never (ever) had to actually look for a job before. They sound like they’ve experienced a loss of entitlement.

So what happened?

The answer is that many people become completely complacent about building their career while they are actually working. Today’s economy does not invite complacency; it requires personal advocacy.   

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