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Career Advice Straight from the Stars [Infographic]

career advice

At times, career advice seems to come from everywhere. From internet blogs to Sunday dinner with your parents, you just can’t seem to escape those little tidbits of knowledge meant to help you become a success. But who can you trust? How can you be sure that the advice you’re getting is good advice? Well, to be honest, you really can’t. Because everyone’s career path is different and no advice, no matter how well-intended, works for everyone. So, how about listening to some advice from people you may not expect to hear from? Career Advice from Celebrities Career advice can   

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Productivity Secrets Used by 15 Business Icons [Infographic]

productivity secrets

Productivity (or lack thereof) can make or break your career. Sure, productivity is just one element of a successful career, but without it you’ll get nowhere. So it’s no wonder that those who found wildly successful businesses have a pretty good sense of how to be productive—and how to avoid the things that frustrate them or distract them from getting their important work done. From Steve Jobs to Shan-Lyn Ma, the biggest-hitting business leaders didn’t just start with a dream – they knew how to work to make it happen. Wouldn’t you like to learn their productivity secrets?   

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Career Mentorship: How to Create a Mutually Beneficial Relationship

career mentorship

One of the main reasons for seeking mentorship is to help further your career. While it’s likely this will be someone that you work with, it could also be a friend, family member or ex-colleague that you admire because of their achievements. Here are five ways to create a mutually beneficial relationship, so you make the most of career mentorship and take the next step in your career.   

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Hard Work Alone Is Not the Path to Career Advancement

hard work

Are you stuck in a career rut? Do you find yourself putting in the hours and effort with little to nothing to show for your efforts?

Maybe you’re tired, overworked, and underappreciated despite your hard work on the job…   

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Life Lessons from Steve Jobs You Can Apply to Your Career [Infographic]

life lessons

Life is hard. Many of us think we can “go it” alone. The truth is, though: We need all the help we can get. That’s why we often turn to saints and sages for the kind of life lessons that can help us navigate our lives.

And in the business world, there is, perhaps, no more successful font of wisdom than Steve Jobs…   

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10 Essential Tasks for After Your First Post-Graduation Summer

post-graduation summer

Graduation seemed like it happened yesterday, right? Don’t look now, but it has been three months! Your first post-graduation summer is now behind you… and it is time to start a full-time job search. Applying for jobs online, though, may not be the first or best action plan. In fact, there are many essential tasks you might consider before throwing your resume against the wall and see what sticks.   

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