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The Chasm That Exists Between Candidates and Employers [Infographic]

Running Off to Join the Workforce

Where do employers find candidates today? How well does college prepare young careerists for the workforce? What skills are most in demand? This infographic, build upon data collected by a national survey of job seekers and HR professionals by Beyond.com and Millennial Branding, shows us exactly what hiring managers are looking for when searching for candidates today. It also shows where disconnects occur between employers and the job candidates running off to join the workforce. Take a look, and then maybe think about your current job search strategy: Are you emphasizing the right skills? Is your branding readily available where   

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20 Networking Tips Worth Mastering Right Now


Regardless of how much emphasis there is on the importance of networking, people tend to overlook its value. Especially when you’re not looking for a job or you’ve landed a job out of pure luck, you may think networking isn’t worth your time. Well, here’s a reality check for you: Networking is the only way you’ll advance your career.   

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5 Proven Ways to Network with Alumni on LinkedIn


The university I attended was large, but a few years removed from college I still feel a common bond and sense of purpose whenever I meet a fellow alum.

For students and grads, those alumni connections provide even more value: alumni connections are an important resource that will accelerate your networking, learning and career opportunities:   

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Trust: The One Thing Even More Important than Experience

Trust More Important Than Experience

There’s one thing that matters more than your experience – do you know what it is?

Now, it may seem counter-intuitive to focus on something instead of your experience – after all, isn’t that what your linkedin profile is all about?   

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9 Job Search Tips From Uber-Successful Young Professionals

Job Search for Recent Grads

For recent graduates, that first job search is rough… perhaps now more than ever. To help with that challenge, our friends at Young Entrepreneur Council asked their members this question:

“What’s your best advice for a recent college grad embarking on a serious job hunt for the first time?”

The result is some great advice from the business and start-up owners you could end up working for:   

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In 3 Words: 100 Pieces of Bite Size Career Advice

Just 3 Words

Sometimes, we tend to over-complicate things. Often, the best career and life advice, from the best mentors, comes in bite size, easy-to-digest pieces.

Maybe just three words. And no more…   

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