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Want a Job at Graduation? Bring a DIY Attitude to Career Planning

Job at Graduation

As you head into college this Fall, your focus should be on creating your future career. “But wait!” you say. “College is not just about getting a job to make money; it’s about discovering passions and becoming an independent adult!”

True. However, attending college today requires a different mindset than when your parents went to school. In today’s economy, students don’t have it so easy.

You need to take matters into your own hands and bring a DIY mentality to career planning. Follow these four steps, and when you graduate, you’ll find yourself with more than a cap and gown; you’ll be on your way to landing a great job in your ideal career path.   

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The Career Advice Students Are Really Looking For

Career Advice

Students everywhere, at every education level, have questions regarding their careers. However, they often feel powerless to determine the right answers… or to whom they should listen.

Between friends, parents, teachers, professors, advisors, mentors, print materials, and even the Web, they’re getting tons of different advice but have no way to determine what might work best for them…   

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