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Pop Culture Career Philosophy: “Go That Way… Really Fast”

Dave Ellis

I have but one philosophy in life: “One can quote an appropriate movie line to fit pretty much any situation.”

From blockbusters to low-budget “B-movies” nobody should spend too much time on, I find pearls of wisdom that perfectly fit real-life – and share them freely. I call it “pop-culture philosophy”…   

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6 Ways to Advance Your Career Without More School

No more school

When Millennials feel trapped by their careers, they often turn back to their education. To them, it’s a comfort zone – a place they’ve known their entire life.

However, going back to school isn’t necessarily the best option for every Millennial looking to advance his or her career…   

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How to Handle 7 Common “What If…” Career Questions

What if Why Not Lets Go

No matter who you are or what you do, you’ve likely had a “what if…” moment about your career.

Especially if you’re a Millennial, this can be a tense time in your career where things can feel a little shaky. You may be worried about finding a job you like, or maybe even finding a job at all…   

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Work That Matters: Critical Career Insights for Millennials [Podcast]

Work That Matters Podcast

Most of us do our jobs because they have no other choice. “The ultimate for everybody is finding a way to be really happy and get something out of the job,” says author Robert Dilenschneider.

Millennials are not satisfied with rote work void of meaning and purpose. They want what Dilenschneider advocates…   

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Small Pieces of Career Advice That Mean Big Success


Career advice is all around us. Some of it good… some of it good but stated over and over… and some of it, well, not so good.

Who do you listen to, and who do you avoid, when it comes to career advice that can make a big difference?   

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Do You Bring Your Soul to Work?


his may sound strange: from time to time, even accomplished professionals need “permission”.

I spend my day speaking to leaders of all stripes. Huge organizations and small; C-suite, middle management and early careerists; for profit and nonprofit… this is what I do. And one thing comes up again and again: “I’m one person at home, another at work.”   

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