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8 Important Ways an Internship Benefits Your Career

Benefits of Internships

Internships are great on-the-job training opportunities for current students, new college grads and young professionals who haven’t yet found the fulfilling work they desire.

And yet nearly 50% of those who need experience desperately in order to compete in today’s workforce choose not to secure high-quality internships…   

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Millennials: Make Yourself Recession-Proof [Infographic]


What must young professional to do to get a leg up in the sluggish economy?

As this infographic from MidAmerica Nazarene University shows, the answer is combining a strategically planned education with useful skills, a strong network, and an authoritative voice…   

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Small Pieces of Career Advice That Mean Big Success


Career advice is all around us. Some of it good… some of it good but stated over and over… and some of it, well, not so good.

Who do you listen to, and who do you avoid, when it comes to career advice that can make a big difference?   

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Open Mic Night: Career Questions from the #InternPro Community


“How do I get recruiters to read my resume?” … “How do I use LinkedIn effectively?” … “How do I get hired with no experience?” … “Is ketchup really a vegetable?”

You have questions about your job or internship search. Everyone does. And that expression about “don’t be afraid to ask because lots of other people have the same question” is true, especially when it comes to our careers…   

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25 Jobs in a 50 Year Career: Is Gen Y Ready?


Last night on #InternPro Twitter chat, we had a very interesting – and for many, a scary – conversation… about jobs and careers. Specifically, we discussed how many jobs the average Millennial will have in what everybody likes to call, “The New Economy”.

Admittedly, I am not really good at math. But this data is pretty conclusive: 2.6 years per job, over 50+ years, plus a couple temp assignments and contracts… and Gen Y is looking at 20 to 25 different jobs over the course of their careers.

Here’s the problem… or, rather, several problems:   

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