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12 Ways to Make a Positive Impact as a Young Professional

Jesse Lear

We all want to get our careers off to a great start. We all want to be noticed for the right things. But sometimes, as a young professional, it’s hard to get eyes on our good work and ears on our good ideas. In other words, it’s hard to make a positive impact.   

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Accomplishments Matter Most: Do You Have a Career Success Story?

career advancement

To advance in your career, you must make notable accomplishments at work. To earn your place in the upper levels, you must do more than just putting in the hours. Results matter most.

You must deserve it.

You have to figure out what you can accomplish, do it, keep track, and perhaps most importantly… be able to tell your success story!   

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A Degree is Not Enough: 4 Ways to Learn In-Demand Skills

Make Employers Want You

expect to stay relevant resting on your diploma. It just isn’t enough.

With jobs getting cut faster than the fat off Heidi Montag’s bum, members of the currently-employed elite need to upgrade their professional cred – and do it now…   

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