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Employers and Candidates: Different Views of Today’s Job Search [Infographic]

The job search has changed so much in the last five years or so: social media, personal branding, and the influence of LinkedIn, for example. Throughout all those changes, though, employers and candidates seem to be chasing the same goal: introducing a good employee to a good company.

And yet there are some ways, it seems, that job seekers and employers will never agree…   

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The Top 5 Traits Recruiters Look for in Job Candidates


Great cover letter? Check. Perfect resume? Professionally approved! That’s all well and good and while it may have landed you an interview, it won’t get you hired.

Research shows that a majority of employers are looking for a “cultural fit” over hard skills. Universum, the employer branding firm that surveys over 400,000 students and professionals worldwide on career-related issues, pulled their data and compiled the top five personality traits employers look for in job candidates.   

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How HR Uses Social Media to Screen Candidates [INFOGRAPHIC]


It’s true… more recruiters now use social media as their first filter to narrow down the pool of candidates. At more and more companies – before you ever get to say a word for yourself in an interview – your social media footprint speaks for you.

Check out this interesting infographic from Reppler, a tool to manage your online image, to learn more about how recruiters use social media to screen candidates… and increase your chances of getting that next interview by knowing how recruiters think…   

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Candidates, Do Your Due Diligence: Google Your New Boss

Think about it for a second: you likely spend more time with your co-workers and your boss than you do with your significant other.

You wouldn’t hesitate to Google your dates before you meet them, right? Yet when you start a new job, you don’t apply that same logic to your would-be new boss? Or the founders of the company to which you’re about to commit 40, 50 or 60 hours every week?   

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A Job Interview Question You Must Answer Correctly

There are hundreds of questions interviewers can ask potential employees … but there’s one question that you could be answering in a way that is costing you the job and you don’t even know it! So what is this one question?   

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An Optimistic Intern: How I’ve Earned and Learned in the Brave New Economy

As an internship veteran, a product of DC Metropolitan area public schools and universities, a blogger for The Washington Post, and an integral part of sharing the benefits of internships around the nation with students through relationships with YouTern, and the U.S. Department of Energy… I Semaj Rashad, declare my independence from the precarious ideals and oppressing presence of Ross Perlin and his “Intern Nation”. Much buzz around his book, “Intern Nation: How to Earn Nothing and Learn Little in the Brave New Economy,” has led me to respond. Instead of a direct offense to his literary work, I will   

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