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5 Magic Words That Turn You Into a Must-hire Candidate


What if I said I know an incantation that will transform you into a must-hire candidate? What if five magic words, simply said, could bring you good fortune?

What are these five words?

“I’ve taken the liberty to…”   

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Job Seekers: Do More Than Just Apply… Meet the Need!

When you see a job posting, ask this question: Why are they hiring? The hiring process is expensive in terms of money, resources, and time. And extending an offer comes with a certain amount of risk.

In our job search, we are focused on what we need. We need opportunities to work in our field, to support ourself financially, to secure benefits and to meet our goals.

While these are critical considerations, there’s a lot at stake on both sides. Preparing yourself for your next career move by taking a look at the process from the employer’s perspective will make you a stronger candidate!   

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Social Media: The Cure for Common HR and Candidate Apathy?

The more I work with both HR and young careerists, the more often I wonder how anyone gets hired.

By now, job seekers have had plenty of time to know what it takes to become employable in our new economy; yet few put in the work necessary to be a top candidate. HR knows exactly what they need to recruit top talent; yet far too many recruiters use tools and techniques from the 1980s.

It is almost as if we’re saying, “We each have something the other person needs, desperately… but we refuse to work together.”   

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